Zaima Bath Fittings was established at 1996, by Gaurav Jain. Zaima represents the very highest quality of manufacture, progressive production and innovative design. The premium products of this family company have won million of hearts, acting as a driving force for the developments and trends of an entire industry. This success story is based on a principle that has held good for many years, namely that change should never be regarded as constraint, but as opportunity.The success of the medium-sized family run Zaima company is based on a clearly expressed premium product standard and consistent customer orientation.

. The company was quick to recognize that efficiency in the product range and in service depends on three factor: on valuing the individual worth of every employee, on reducing the complexity of the processes and on being as transparent as possible in dealings with suppliers and other partners.
Zaima sets the highest standards for the design, materials and finishes of its fittings and when the product has left the Zaima premises, the company also ensures the quality of the workmanship of the tradespeople, by intensive training and long term partnerships.

As a leading manufacturer in the premium segment, Zaima represents the ultimate in reliability and value. Customers rightly associate every product from Zaima with the Promise of documented quality of manufacture and exclusivity. Zaima also puts the premium brand aspiration in a far wider context. As both the driveing force and patron of a constant, artistic debate on the subject of water, the company has gained an innovative insight into bathroom and kitchen environments – and has derived numerous product ideas from this. The Zama brand is now a symbol for knowledge and cultural inspiration covering every aspect of the element of water.

Why Choose Zaima ?


You deserve best & that's what we strive to deliver by no compromise on quality

Rust Free

Chrome Plated finishes are corrosion resistant which increases the longevity of our products


Maximum accuracy is retained during manufacturing to ensure leak proof products


The unique & exotic designs of our products increases the overall beauty of environment